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“The Ability to create Art is in all of us; but it's up to you

 which methods to use.”


          I got into tattooing from going to tattoo shops with my mom, It really helped me with my own drawing skills at the age of 11. Tattooed myself at 15 using what I had, not smart but effective. I finally had my foot in the door after trying my hand with a real machine in my late 20's, a few of years went by and I was blessed to get an apprenticeship at Mile High Ink in 2014. Under Ben Elliott’s fine tutelage  I have honed my skills but still have much to learn. My favorite thing about the tattoo industry is the fact that it is constantly changing and improving. The job is never truly the same, which is my greatest attraction. Art is as unique as my clients, and l love to pick their brain and truly put a smile on their face when the design and tattoo is completed. I would have to say my mentor Ben is my greatest influence on my style coupled with a really kick ass art teacher in high school. Ben taught me that I shouldn't paint myself in a corner,so I try to evolve with my skills and have no fear trying differing styles in the industry. My art teacher pushed me harder then the other kids in class because she saw artistic potential, low and behold I don't think she saw me becoming a tattoo artist. When I do have free time, I love to hang out with my wife and daughter, see the sights in beautiful Colorado, play guitar, paint, and just live life to it's fullest, you only get one you know.