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          Ben Elliott has been tattooing for 18 years, and currently is the Owner and Artist at Mile High Ink.  From an early age Ben had a passion for art from coloring on the walls to drawings for mom sitting under her desk at work.  Continuing his art education , he created art throughout middle and High School. Ben attended Texas A&M where he received his degree in Chemistry and Fine Arts. After tattooing for several years in Dallas he opened a tattoo shop and medical spa in Dallas.  Through the years he learned how to take a raw image from a customers head and turn it into a tear watering masterpiece that is "more than I could have imagined" in the clients eye.  Through the years of experience, being taught, and learning the best way to achieve the best possible product Ben discovered his passion for making dreams come true. After visiting Colorado, he fell in love and the decision was made easy to make Colorado his new home. Upon arrival Ben began to visit shops in an attempt to find the right fit, due to shops that were visited having a lack of proper techniques and sterility, Mile High Ink was born.  After only two years in Colorado he led the shop to number three in Denver on the Denver A-List.  Ben is well versed in all styles but finds Japanese to be his personal favorite. Art is a journey and it can become extremely fulfilling if handled properly Ben Elliott is an expert at guiding people through their personal journey and helping them to discover exactly what they were looking for, coupled with his extensive technical skill beautiful work comes naturally.

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